On My Mind: Ep. 3

Please excuse this interruption to your regularly scheduled programming…

I figured, every once in a while you might like to actually get to know a little bit more about me and my life outside of just the occasional Instagram post – which, I will admit, are still largely curated to my “brand” of nutrition, fitness, and wellness rather than a personal account of my life (although I do throw that kind of thing in there from time to time).


2017 Q3 Business Highlights

July 2017

publish cookbook, continue publishing blog posts 2x per week, working with more clients, mid-year financial review and tax planning, contributed an article to ConsumerHealthDigest.com

August 2017

research continuing education programs/additional certifications and specializations, interview for Lacey Dunn’s (@faithandfit) podcast (UpliftFit Nutrition) and episode released, website enhancements, interview for local newspaper – release TBD, released beginner training program

September 2017

program development and refinement, content creation (free Healthier Choices When Eating Out guide coming to the store soon!), bookkeeping I had accidentally fallen behind on (yuck!), had fun creating some infographics for the ‘gram, hit 2.5K pageviews


2017 Q3 Work Updates

Coming back to work after going to Michigan for a week, and quickly followed by the Fourth of July, my schedule got PACKED with patients! Being someone that prefers to stay overly busy rather than have too much free time on my hands, this is a welcome contrast to last year when I was still adjusting to my role and not receiving as many referrals. We have even been forced to create more schedule openings due to the large volume of appointment requests by physicians and patients.

While I primarily see diabetes diagnoses (due to insurance/Medicare benefit coverage), I have been seeing more overweight/obese patients who are interested in weight loss. I feel like my recent interest in learning more about mindful and emotional eating has come at a perfect time as that is what many of my patients seem to be struggling with. An overall healthy diet can still be derailed by emotional eating. I have even been able to sprinkle in some functional and integrative nutrition here and there.

The biggest piece of news is that, beginning Oct 1, I transitioned to FT Clinical/Inpatient. Circumstances have change at my workplace which has allowed for the swap that I discussed in my last update post. I am nervous and excited to be taking on a new position with greater responsibility and growing more in my nutrition management and director skills which I have not had much experience with before. I am still working as a Clinical Dietitian on the side at another hospital as well two days per week.


2017 Q3 Life Updates

Fitness:  My focus over the past 3 months has been on increasing strength and muscle mass. I have been following MAPS Red/Anabolic from Mind Pump Media which involves lifting weights three days per week and bodyweight exercises/band work on the other days. This was completed and we are now well in to MAPS Black/Aesthetic which involves being in the gym five days per week and complete rest the other two. I also decided to start a fat loss phase at the end of September (for a TBD length of time) since I do not think that competing is in the cards this spring with everything else I have going on (see “Health” section below).

Relationships:  ummm… yeah, what is this? I’m somewhere between caring a whole lot and not giving a crap and just letting whatever happens happen in its own time.

Fun:  Mama came to visit me over Labor Day weekend – thankfully no puke to clean up this time. Got out in nature and went on some hikes. A few solo trips in to Columbus… Come to think of it, there was not a whole lot of budgeting for “fun” the past few months – my health (see below) definitely took priority. Definitely something I need to address in the next quarter.

Health:  I suddenly began having problems with acid reflux and indigestion at the end of June/beginning of July. One of my conventional medicine doctors diagnosed me with GERD which was a punch in the gut – literally. I met with a new functional medicine doctor mid-August and you can read about my experience and results so far if you read the post. Follow-up posts are to come as we get more information and work towards improving my health. But, my GERD has already disappeared thanks to this new doctor – without medication which is what I am most happy about (long-term PPI use has been shown to be problematic).

Current Reading List:

  • Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott √
  • Ready Player One by Ernest Cline √
  • Deep Nutrition by Dr. Catherine Shanahan
  • Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler
  • Wired to Eat by Robb Wolf

Time to finish strong in Q4! 🙂

What have you accomplished over the past few months?


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