On My Mind: Ep. 2

Please excuse this interruption to your regularly scheduled programming…

I figured, every once in a while you might like to actually get to know a little bit more about me and my life outside of just the occasional Instagram post – which, I will admit, are still largely curated to my “brand” of nutrition, fitness, and wellness rather than a personal account of my life (although I do throw that kind of thing in there from time to time).


2017 Q2 Business Highlights

April 2017

meet with accountant and set up business accounts

May 2017

upgrade website, create online store, release Grocery Essentials Guide and nutrition counseling packages in online store

June 2017

make final edits to cookbook, logo unveiling, lots of behind-the-scenes content creation and brainstorming, increase blog post frequency, partnership with She Matters MVMT


2017 Q2 Work Updates

By the end of Q2, things finally slowed down a bit at work in terms of events and patient appointments.

I feel like I have fallen in to a fairly good rhythm that works for me between my full-time job, part-time job, training, sleep, and all of those other pesky tasks that need to get done on a daily and weekly basis and that are my current priorities and areas of focus/greatest allocation of energy at the moment.

I have enjoyed spending more time doing clinical-related tasks, like assisting more with inpatient admissions and patients at the cancer center and I’m even starting to not detest being on-call every third weekend.


2017 Q2 Life Updates

Fitness:  I ran in the Salt Fork Spring Challenge – what was advertised as a 10.6-mile trail race and actually ended up being a half-marathon distance mud run from hellI survived and my toenails will never be the same.

Relationships:  back to square one. ’nuff said.

Fun:  Went to the Columbus Zoo. Celebrated my mother’s wedding. June brought with it my long-awaited trip back to Michigan to attend the Electric Forest music festival with some college friends. This was totally outside of my introverted comfort zone. But, you don’t grow inside your comfort zone. Despite the awful weather on our first night there, I am glad that I experienced this at least once in my life. Will I ever do something like this again? Probably not – mostly because I just can’t hang and there are approximately 493 other experiences that I have on my bucket list right now.

May always brings with it another successful cycle around the sun in the personal narrative that is my life:  I turned 26. I celebrated by getting food poisoning which my poor mother was luckily present to witness and assist.

Here’s hoping for an even better Q3 🙂

What have you accomplished over the past few months?


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