On My Mind: Ep. 1

Please excuse this interruption to your regularly scheduled programming…

I figured, every once in a while you might like to actually get to know a little bit more about me and my life outside of just the occasional Instagram post – which, I will admit, are still largely curated to my “brand” of nutrition, fitness, and wellness rather than a personal account of my life (although I do throw that kind of thing in there from time to time).


2017 Q1 Business Highlights

January 2017

January 26 – EllenRatliffRD.com website goes live
January (general) – complete Precision Nutrition Level 1 Nutrition Coach certification
January (general) – begin testing recipes for e-cookbook

February 2017

February 22 – Ellen the RD, LLC is formed
February (general) – continue testing recipes for e-cookbook
February (general) – begin accepting clients for online nutrition counseling

March 2017

March (general) – finish recipe testing for e-cookbook


2017 Q1 Work Updates

Most of the first three months of 2017 have been pretty busy at my full-time job working as a Community Dietitian in a hospital. We have been inundated with health fairs, business expos, and health screenings which have kept me working almost half of the weekends this quarter. Also, more outpatient appointments and referrals are being made. Which is a good thing, but not much free time is to be had!

Thank goodness for me being a planner or else the e-cookbook may have been pushed to the side or other aspects of my life would have had to suffer more than they have (sleep, social life, diet, training, etc.). I have still been making sure to test at least 2 recipes every weekend until I reached my goal of at least 50 for the e-cookbook. Right now, testers and editors are going through the first draft and giving me feedback. My current goal timeline is to have the e-cookbook available for purchase in 2017 Q3.

Beginning in February, I started up part-time (usually less than 10 hours a week) as a Clinical Dietitian at another hospital. Although I do occasionally fill in on the clinical side as needed at my full-time job during the week and on rotating weekends, it is not very often that I am called upon. Even just the few hours that I am at the other hospital – which does include outpatient nutrition referrals – has helped me realize that it really is the sector in which I would like to primarily practice. What can I say, my heart is in the hospital! So, when I begin seeking out new employment opportunities (TBD 2018), I believe I will be focusing on clinical nutrition opportunities.


2017 Q1 Life Updates

At the beginning of February, I started training for a 10+ mile trail race this spring. One of my fitness-related goals for this year, since I am not stepping back on the bodybuilding stage yet, was to run in four 5K+ races – really any race or distance that I would get a medal out of it. What!? I like bling! I already ran a virtual 10K for Pi Day (3/14) and the spring trail race is in early May. I still have to find two more races that strike my fancy.

Dating. ugh… So, my last relationship ended about a year ago and since that time, yes, I have been attempting to date. More specifically, in that world known as online dating. I won’t go in to that too much here as I am planning on writing a post about modern and online dating, including my own personal experiences with it over the years. Because, yes, I have had many attempts and used numerous platforms to varying degrees of success. For now, I will leave it at I have started seeing someone and it’s promising.

With everything else I have been working on and with my work schedule this quarter, I did not take any trips aside from various state parks and natural areas in Ohio to run the trails. However, I do have several trips back to my home state of Michigan planned for 2017 Q2 – both for family events and for fun with friends.


What do you think about blog posts like this?
Would you like to see more of my ramblings and life updates or should I just stick with the informational content and recipes?

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