It (Doesn’t) Works!

Body Wraps: What You Need to Know

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It Works! markets itself as a skin care and nutrition company, “named for the excited reaction people have” when trying their products. As a direct sales company, you cannot purchase their products in stores, but have to go through an independent distributor who earns commission off of your sale (and the sales of team members under them).

From their Facebook page:

“It Works! offers one-of-a-kind skin care and nutrition products that will change your life. Each of our products is formulated by leading scientists, herbalists, and researchers who integrate innovative technology and the finest in naturally based ingredients into their work. The end results? Amazing products designed to work together to tighten and tone, energize, and nourish your body!”

So What Is “That Crazy Wrap Thing”?

Body wraps are meant to be a non-surgical treatment to “tone and tighten skin while helping the body burn fat”. Many of these products claim to help “cleanse toxins” from your body.

From what I can gather from the company’s website, it’s essentially an expensive and overly-complicated skin moisturizer wrapped in cellophane.

$59 online for 4 applications vs. $2.99 at your local Wal-Mart.

Newsflash: Your body doesn’t need help detoxing. It has organs that do that just fine. Fuel your body with unprocessed and natural foods, drink water, move your body, and you’ll survive another day – I promise.

Will You Lose Weight?

Probably not. You might lose some water weight if the wrap makes you sweat, and possibly you could lose some inches due to that water loss and the actual act of compression from wearing a wrap. Any loss of inches is temporary.


You. Cannot. Spot. Reduce.

Loss of fat off of your body is not wholly within your control, at least as far as where it comes off from. If you want to lose fat from your stomach, you need to lose fat overall. Your body will decide where fat comes off most, or when you gain weight your body will decide where it is deposited.

Spa treatment

While ItWorks! does sell products other than their wraps, it is without a doubt their keystone product. They even refer to their distributors as “wrapreneurs“. While there are some fantastic direct sales companies out there, I do not think that ItWorks! is one of them.

If your product really works, then do gold standard laboratory studies and prove it.

There is no quick fix to weight loss.

You could wrap yourself up in some Saran Wrap and hop on the treadmill for 45 minutes, or…

Put in the work: Diet & Exercise

Save the money you normally flush down the toilet every year on quick fixes and invest in a qualified professional and personalized coaching.

Hard Work. Dedication. Determination.


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