AIP Diet Improves Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Autoimmune Protocol Diet Improves Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Best Supplement You’ve NEVER Heard Of

Inositol... ... you've probably never heard of it before, but if you struggle with PCOS, anxiety, panic attacks, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, fertility problems, or depression... ...then you'll be glad you read this article. INOSITOL Inositol is actually a collection of similar compounds (stereoisomers) of which the most prominent form is myo-inositol. Inositol is … Continue reading The Best Supplement You’ve NEVER Heard Of

Eliminate for Gut Health

What are Elimination Diets? How do they work? What are they good for? How can they improve your health?

UpliftFit Nutrition Podcast Guest

Recently I had the opportunity to be interviewed by #RD2Be Lacey Dunn. Listen here!

Go Keto for Epilepsy Treatment Success

Practice Paper of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: Classic and Modified Ketogenic Diets for Treatment of Epilepsy

Amateur Enhanced Physique Athlete Strategies

Nutrition, pharmacological, and training strategies adopted by six bodybuilders: case report and critical review